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My Big News!
February 28, 2007, 8:22 am
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Well, as most of you can tell, I’ve been a bit A.W.O.L. lately 😉 Please forgive me, I promise I have a good reason!

When Handsome Kel and I were in Cali about a month ago, we had a surprise awaiting us. I just couldn’t figure out why I wanted to sleep all day…even though we were in California and had hundreds of things to do. Well, we made a quick stop at a Walgreens for the essentials: toothpaste, gum, m&m’s, pregnancy test…….
We found out in the bathroom of Walgreens that we were going to be parents! Needless to say, we are sooooo excited. We were trying but I had no idea it would happen this quickly. Although I’ve been really blessed, and I’m not feeling too sick right now, I’ve had a hard time keeping my eyes open most of the time. This is so against my nature because I’m usually so full of energy and rearing to go. Three more weeks, and I’ll be in my second trimester. I can’t wait!
Anyway, here are a few shots outside of Walgreens. I’m sure I’ll be posting more as we learn more. Thanks for understanding my lack of blogging, and please keep me in your prayers that we’ll have a healthy shooting season and most importantly a health wee one.


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AAAHHHH!!! HOW EXCITING!!!! What good news! You and your hubby must be exstatic beyond words! Isn’t God is good?! You are going to be the cutest mommy! I will be praying for you both. CONGRATS!!!!

Comment by jessicaveglia

how sweet are yall!!! congrats again!!

Comment by christinalouvierrephoto

I was wondering where you were!! Hahaha…

aia’m sooo happy for ya. I swear, this must be stork season…I have 3 or 4 good friends and a sister-in-law due to be poppin’ out babies any time between April and September.

Again, I am so happy for you. Congrats!!! :o)

Comment by Dusty

Congratulation to you. your wedding photography always inspire me. take good care of yourself and the ‘little one’ LOL

Comment by ROBIN

What a blessing from God. We tried for 15 years to become parents and finally adopted a beautiful little girl,Kate, she is all over my blog. we actually got to be in the delivery room. ITS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD TO BE A MOM!! I will certainly keep you,Kel,and the little one in my prayers. Congratulations!!!

Comment by steph

You know I am so excited for you both. I will be praying for ya’ll and God is going to continue to bless you. We will be viewing more photographs of babies in the near future I’m sure.

God Bless!

Comment by vanessa diel

I love it!!

Comment by cristy cross


Comment by Matt

CONGRATS, hope God blesses you dearly couse kids are just a gift from above,from what i here you are going to be a great mom:)

Comment by lily

Kelly – yay you’ve gone public!! You are going to do just great and you will become even better at photography – yay!

Comment by crackle

WOW! Michael told me the good news but, I wanted to wait to tell you congrats after you made it public! Good luck to you both 🙂

Comment by Farrah

That will be one beautifully photographed baby! Congratulations!!

Comment by Shelley Nelson

CONGRATULATIONS! that is VERY exciting, I can only imagine!

I’m sure this child will have a very documented life! and in the very popular and modern “K.M. style” no less!

– RE

Comment by Ross

WOW – look at Kel’s eyes!!! He is so happy, Congrads guys!

Comment by Jason Domingues

that is AWESOME news! big congrats!
patrick (DWF)

Comment by patrick

You will both make great parents.
The fun is just beginning!

Comment by Scott Livermore

Congratulations! I wish you happiness and joy for your new little family member!:)

Comment by Tara Sieling

So you finally decided to spill the beans lol!
CONGRATS! And I hope to see you soon!

Comment by Joshua Smith

Wow Kelly! Congratulations. I hope you have a wonderful pregnancy and I’m sure I’ll see you soon!

Comment by Brandi Bayles

How exciting…and don’t worry about “How am I going to have a photo business and be a mommy”…As a mother of two and a photo business owner…I can say that somehow, it ALWAYS works!
Congrats…so exciting…and have your hubby document the birth if he can-just for the two of you to enjoy years down the road! ;o)

Comment by Meg

Kelly- I check your site now and again and saw this exciting news. I pray that God will give you balance – “you” time, baby time, hubby time and work time. I am pg with my third and final (due in a month) and I still haven’t gotten this all figured out… Good luck. PS: You are stunning these days. You were beautiful in college, but wow! You really blossomed. God BLess, Faith Miller

Comment by Faith

Yay yay yay yay!!! Kelly, congrats to you and hubby – what wonderful news! 🙂 Many blessings on your expanding family!

Comment by Stacy Cross Photography

Congrats on your pregnancy. God bless you through this time and I hope its wonderful for you. I am also pregnant and due at the end of June. Its an awesome feeling and I know you must be so excited. Congrats again.

Comment by Meredith Myers

OMG, that is such amazing news!!! You must be sooo excited…but I think this is going to affect our “only once a year” time in Vegas 😉 hehehe jk…anyway, so happy for you and can’t wait to see you soon!!

lovin’ that Louisana grl 😉


PS. I sent you a referral from a girl I shot in FW5 who’s cousin is getting married in LA, hope it works out 🙂

Comment by Tina

Congratulations!! You and your husband will be great parents! God bless! : )

Comment by Christina

Yay! Congrats guys, you are going to be great parents! – These pics are priceless, way to capture the moment!

Comment by markeric

Awww that is awesome news! Congrats Kelly!

Comment by Heather

Wow, you two look so happy – I just love the pictures, the excitement…so natural, so beautiful!!! Best of Luck!

Comment by Agnieszka M


That’s so awesome.

Comment by Amish Thakrar

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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