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Kick Booty Crazies
January 20, 2007, 5:42 am
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I must say that this months get together of the Crazies was the most kick booty so far! We had dinner an a neat restaurant in Monroe called, The Chateau. Great food…really great atmosphere! After hanging there for a few hours, we all congregated at Josh Smith’s studio for some experimental shooting. We split off into groups, and went our separate ways to look for interesting lighting and shapes. It was a great exercise in looking for interesting shots in unexpected places. We stayed up way past my bedtime talking and sharing ideas and new techniques. I’m so glad to have this group; it is a much needed outlet for support and friendship in this competitive world of photography!
Here are a few of my favorites from last night…I can’t wait to see from all you guys who were there last night!

Us photographers think it’s ok to take over the street anytime we feel like it!


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These are just awesome. I hate we missed getting out in the streets and photographing. I had such a great time and learned so much. I can’t wait until we meet again. Thank you everyone for being so patient and sharing your ideas. Kelly, your the rock star.

Comment by vanessa diel

you guys should have next month’s on a weekend. i wanna come. im jealous.

Comment by Matt Lange

Glorious girl! I love them. And I love you! You are so stinkin’ good.

Comment by cristy

Looks so fun! I thought we were gonna rotate nights, there have been 3 Thursdays now, and I can’t do Thursday! 😦 Pics look awesome! Oh and I love your little hearts Kelly!

Comment by Crystal Garcia

Kelly! These are soo great! I am dying to know what are those cool lights you are using?

Comment by Rebekah

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