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House Guests
December 25, 2006, 7:11 am
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My BFF Brandi was in town from Dallas this weekend.  She brought along two of her friends Jen & Miranda.  They were actually my fiirst house guests since we’ve been in our new house.  It was great to hang out with these 3 girls.  Saturday, all 3 of them got new haircuts, so of course, I couldn’t resist pulling out my camera!  I mean really, wouldn’t you be disappointed if you stayed at my house and I didn’t take your picture??


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I know you had A LOT of laughs! Love that Brandi Howard! 🙂 Good pics!

Comment by Carrie White Owen

Wow, that Brandi must come from good stock! They are all great pictures…well done, yet again.

Comment by ashley howard perry

Hey Kelly! Great pics! I just wanted to say that I think I was your 70,000th hit! (It said 70,000 even when I got on.) So, do I get some cool prize or anything? lol Just wanted to say “hi”.

Comment by Lindsey Janies

Kelly you are so awesome!! I had a blast at your home. Your husband is so cool too. Can I tell you I think you are the most talented photographer I have ever seen!! God bless you and your talent!!

Comment by Jenn

Hello sweet friend—Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality and all of the memories made @ the blessed Clark home…now we have the pics to prove it just wanted to give props to the Stylist who created all of these amazing cuts it is none other than MISS LINDSEY FISHER of PANACHE’ SALON in RAYVILLE!!Thanks LINZ you are also a ROCK STAR!!!

Comment by Brandi Howard

Looks like ya’ll were having fun. Great pics as always. Maybe one day I will be just half as good as you.


Comment by vanessa diel

I was looking for another person but googled up this site. “Oh My Goodness!!!” You are the most captivating group of women I have ever seen. My impression of the pretty woman that goofs on camera… she would keep you from ever feeling bored. I don’t think I would ever catch my breath in the presence of the red head woman with those blue eyes. THOSE ARE AMAZING EYES!!! As for the woman with the short hair and dark brown eyes…I will never sleep a night without dreams of you. I have always wished that I could find a woman that looks just like you to spend the rest of my life with. I mean you are a goddess!!! If I ever had the opportunity to kiss lips like yours I would make it last for days. As I looked at you I imagined that you could be the woman who sends me to extasy with kisses alone. I know we will never meet in real life, and I am 36 years old so the age thing would stop us from being together even if I did know you, but I hope you have a real blast and swelling in your ego knowing that a picture of you… just a normal picture of your face [oh what a face] sent shivers down the spine of a guy you never met. And just seeing that the world does have beauty that I had only dreamed existed, but now know is real and I will never be the same. I’m not a weirdo stalker. I’m not going to start begging you to meet me. I just hope that you remember what you’ve done to me so you never have a day in which you question your own worth or beauty… always hold your head high and smile with pride knowing you are amazing and a true beauty! Thanks for letting me drool, I soooo envy the lucky man that wins your heart.

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