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I should have been sleeping….
December 4, 2006, 8:16 pm
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But I stayed up doing this


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Whoa -that is seriously deep. Awesome.


Comment by Leon

soo great 🙂 i am amazed at your endless talents 🙂

Comment by Jessica

i’m praying for you…

Comment by chriselda

LOVE the video! Really enjoyed the seminar today and it was GREAT meeting you! Thanks! Hope you enjoyed Houston!

Comment by Ramie

Best use of Snow Patrol I’ve seen! You rock so much!! That was amazing.

Comment by Brad B


Comment by Crystal Goss

Pretty impressive boss! Exactly how long did it take to complete??? 🙂

Comment by melissabreedlove

That is so awesome! Love the revisions!

Comment by lauren clark

Random! I love it, but how completely random! You’re pretty awesome Kelly. I can’t imagine how long that took you.

Comment by Erica Fairburn

You are so funny! I showed my husband, Ben. He got into it and started singing. I think this is so random and so hilarious. By the way, I have a black shnauzer too. I meant to tell you that at the seminar. Thanks for all the great info and inspiration. You were wonderful and it was great to get to meet you.

Comment by Cristy

You said you wanted to be a rock star, Girl, YOU ARE A ROCK STAR!!!! I cannot hear that song without the vision of you on that bed!! The seminar in Houston ROCKED!!!! Thanks for the the “Kelly Moore” experience.

Comment by Michelle Hewgley

Oh Kelly! You rock my world! It has been such a stressful day, but after watching this I am smiling! Thank you for sharing your great personality and wonderful talent!!!!

Comment by Jessica Veglia

Whoooaaaa. I KNOW you were up all night doing that!! Been wanting to try it myself too…i just know it would take forever though, very cool!

Comment by Fred Egan

This is so neat! Thanks for sharing it. Your always pushing the limits in any media form, and I am alway impressed by the results.

Comment by Jill

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