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10 Year Reunion
October 12, 2006, 9:23 pm
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I show you these with the understanding that you will not make fun of me.  Remember, It has been at least 10 years ago, so you can’t hold me responsible!
4.5 years ago

12 years ago

I might be the most embarrassed with this one…..what was I thinking? Sr. Prom 10.5 yrs ago.ugly-pics-003.JPG

This was the band that I was in Shoeless.  This peeps were pretty amazing friends.ugly-pics-004.JPG

You do not have to watch this!! My 10 year high school reunion is this weekend, and I just finished putting together the slideshow. See if you can spot me…..ya, it’s pretty bad!


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You look fine!

Comment by Joshua Smith

I concur, these are awesome!

Comment by Tim Co.

Hey whoa that’s awesome! Shoeless pictures! Arron looks so different than I remember. Zack had beatles hair..well…we both did but…that doesn’t mean it looked good. :0) And look at that, that picture was when the violinist was in the band too, that seems like forever ago. I was alot younger when you guys were touring so I guess it HAS been a long time. I still love all you guys though. Nice pictures!

Comment by Matt Hudson

Well, that was cool! At least you have pictures…Always remember, its hard to know where you are going if you dont know where youve been!

Comment by Mike Warren

How bout that Lady Bearcat Softball?! Good times 🙂

Comment by Julie Chreste

LOL! Now I am only laughing because even though I’m not quite to the 10 year reunion yet, I am dang sure mine are going to look more out of style, more 90’s & way more dated!! Good stuff. Go Ruston softball! What position did you play?

Comment by Fred Egan

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