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September 13, 2006, 5:04 am
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I want to thank all the peeps that showed up to listen to me Monday in Dallas! I think we had around 100 people show up. I will say that I was a bit nervous, but you guys made me feel completely comfortable. I had a blast speaking, and can’t wait to do it again. I hope that I was able to convey all my thoughts to you guys in a way that was easy to understand. Please let me know if anyone has any questions. Like I said, I’m slow to answer e-mails sometimes…..but I’m really working at getting better!
Also, I would really appreciate comments and critiques. Were there any topics that you wanted to hear that I didn’t cover? Were there any topics that were especially helpful? Also, I’m open for any ideas, so please let me know if you think there is anything I need to add to my presentation. For all who were there Monday, you should be getting a e-mail from Pounds this week with the links to all the vendors/programs that I use.

I want to thank my wonderful hubby for making my presentation boxes for me. You can see below the huge black boxes that my images were mounted to. He’s so handy!!

Here are a couple of images from Monday that Mo caught of me. Mo was a huge encouragement to me Monday…he even sat on the front row and never fell asleep! You can see his work here:




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Kelly, What a great day! You did great, I loved your presentation! Really inspirational! Thanks so much for sharing so much information! Front row,to your right in photo! Katherine

Comment by Katherine Robertson

wow! Your presentation was awesome!!! your photography is awesome! let’s just say that your presentation lived up to your photography. You need to teach at Texas School so that people can observe you in action. You are very inspirational, a free spirit and drop dead sexy! Do you ever enter anything into competition? -steve (the guy who showed you ‘H=3200’

Comment by Steve Colwill

Hi Kelly,
We just wanted to say “Thank You” for a great seminar in Dallas. We appreciate your honesty and openness about sharing your business with all of us. We have been in the business for 15 years and have heard alot of seminars over the years with alot of “seminar talk”. Your’s was the first to give real honest answers. And finally, somone who thinks like me that it is OK to shoot wide open and there is a reason and a feeling you get when you capture images that way. The Canon 85mm 1.8 is nice and a great price, but there nothing like the 85mm 1.2L.
We hope to have our Blog up soon. You have inspired us to get it done.
Have a Great Day,
Scott & Linda

Comment by Scott Livermore

Hi Kelly-
(I blogged you a couple days ago, and you replied to it, and I was so appreciative! I know you are extremely busy, but if you have a chance… I hope you can read through this.)
My name is Maloree, and I am a freshmen at Oklahoma Wesleyan University. I have always been inspired by photography. I really started taking interest my senior year of high school. I received a camera for graduation/birthday and started receiving photography magazines in the mail. I think photography is one of the greatest ways to capture peoples lives. The sayings a picture is worth a 1000 words is true in more ways than one. This past weekend, my mother and a friend (whose a photographer) went to your conference in Texas. I checked out your website because I was unable to go to the conference due to school conflict. I did check out your work and I am so inspired by it. The angles and concept and modern look you put to your pictures is unbelievable. God has definately blessed you with an eye to capture the moments! I was wondering if you could give me any pointers, ideas, comments, anything you possibly give me to help me out to further a photography business. I was wondering if I could show you some of the photography I have taken, and give me some tips and just any help. I have a dream. I have a dream to open a photography studio someday and serve people and make them happy. I want to do what God would have me to do. To serve Him is the greatest blessing.

Photography is one of my passions! I love it! I take my camera EVERYWHERE!!!
I hope you can help me a little bit. I know you are busy and that you take amazing wedding shots on the weekends,

But I hope you can take some time out to reply back to me.

If you have any info on photography I would love to find out about that too…
I can email you back with my school address! Thank you so much for reading this email
and helping me out! Your work inspires me! It really does!

Thank you again!

Maloree Hamel

Comment by Maloree

Kelly, I thought I would chime in for Maloree and say that she should take whatever she can while in college, photoshop, Digital 1,2,3, studio, etc, just any classes you can to learn photography, and especially Photoshop. I have been shooting mostly for myself and advertising for a former business I had for about 25 years. Using medium format for most those years and then in 1999 I got my first digital the great Sony Mavica! floppy disk camera. but it got me started and I loved it. Just got a Nikon D70 about a year ago and it has changed my life! I enrolled in a Portraiture class for credit at the jr college in Sept 05 and then next semester I took Photoshop I. This summer I did Photojournalism for the whole summer with final project due in August. I have learned so much since last September, met so many great photographers in class who have helped and encouraged and we all share new leads. Now I am in Photoshop II and will continue taking one class a semester until I feel I have mastered the subjects I am interested in for business and pleasure. I take the class that meets once a week, either 6-11 at night or one day a week from 9-3. I have learned through the people I have met in these classes about the PPA organization, Professional Photographer of America, and I know there are other organizations, where the dues are only about 25-50 dollars per year to join. They have a monthly meeting with speaker and sometimes dinner, you should check in your area of Oklahoma as I am sure there is a branch there. I have learned something from every meeting I have attended and joined two clubs in my area just the past 2 or 3 months.One website a friend told me about is, which you can join if you like and can have your own page to post your photos! But the best thing is that you can look at what others from all around the world are shooting and get ideas from their work. There is some stuff on there that is not particularily good, but there is some outstanding work on this site. I have really gained alot of insight into different subjects and styles of photography just from checking out this website every day or so. Now I keep a list of the photographers on that site that I like so I can go back and check out their new additions. They also have a monthly contest you can enter for free, with unlimited number of submissions. The next thing is to take workshops, and day seminars like Kelly’s anytime you can! I took a Nikon seminar which was one or two days on a weekend and I think it was about 159.00 per day. This weekend I am going to Waco for Sunday and Monday to a Little Red Schoolhouse workshop on the business of photography. It was only 99.00 through the Dallas PPA orgainzation, so I am looking forward to that. So, I hope that helps, I also have my camera with me all the time and ask friends , co-workers, family and strangers on the street if I can take their photo. By taking classes, I am taking them for credit, you have assignments, and therefore, get out and shoot and inspired everyday! Now I assign myself projects and go out shooting to complete portfolios I am working on. As Kelly said at her workshop, you have to go out and “create” yourself and your style of photography or what you want to be known for. I am going tomorrow to shoot for free, a new baby of a co-worker, who I also shot at their home when the baby was just 2 weeks old. By doing this I am working on a year long project for a baby package that I might want to sell to clients. That way, I will have a sample to put on my photography website I am also building. I do portraits of clients I sell houses to, and now others in my office are asking for new “head shots” for their business cards or websites. One job leads to another and word of mouth is getting around. Since I have been going to school last September, I now have enough work to do a decent website showing my work. I am also using the great Nikon scanner at school to go back and scan my Hassleblad and Mamiya negatives taken about 15-17 years ago of children to use on my website. I probably have about 10,000 on my computer since I got my Nikon a year ago. So, I understand your passion as mine is the same. It is a blessing to have the knowledge and ability to create a career for yourself, doing what you love, and using it as a ministry to others. I miss the creative work I used to do in my business designing children’s clothing which we closed in 99, so digital photography has opened the door for me to really use my talents and creative side, so I too am exploring the idea of making a new career, at mid life! Imagine that… As you learn and take classes and workshops, your confidence will grow and you can feel confident when accepting jobs from those who ask. Hope this isn’t too long for the blog, but I wanted to share what all digital has done in the past year to my life as well. It is a real Blessing! All the best, Katherine Robertson

Comment by Katherine Robertson

Just wanted to write you a note to Thank you for being such and open and down to earth young woman and sharing your ideas with us. You inspire me. I love knowing that shooting wide open is OK. LOL
I have been in the biz for 27 years. Starting out as a real photojournalist working for a newspaper and documenting events as they unfolded before me.I was always observing and never participating because that is what a photojounalist does….capture the event not direct it.
I then went into commercial work then full circle back to basic photography working with people and doing things ‘not normal’. I always worked for other photographers because I was made to feel I could not make it on my own…but you know….Once I took the plunge and stopped listening to what other people thought my work should be and started doing what I WANTED… my work started to show my personality….well it was like a waterfall broke through and my creativity came and I started drawing clients to me that “GOT” what I was doing and more importantly…PAID me for it.

I am going to take to heart what you said about presentation in pricelists etc. I am at this time making time to re-do my pricing and raising my prices and well as updating my pamplets etc.
I am now going to brand my stuff like you said to do. I totally agree with your philosophy about that and you openend my eyes to it. Thank YOU thank YOU thank you. If you want to learn how to do underwater fine art photography just let me know and we can help each other out!

Also it is great knowing there are other christian photographers who practice what they preach!lol

God Bless!
Elena Hernandez

Comment by Elena Hernandez

Shelli, we had a wonderful time at your Seminar in Dallas a few weeks ago. We briefly spoke about the displays your husband made for your work. Is there any info he could pass along to us about the plexi mounting? We’d appreciate it!

Comment by Heather

Yeah, I totally called you Shelli. That’s my boss. Yeesh.

Comment by Heather

Thanks so much for coming! I had a blast. Ill send you the info on where I had my images mounted.
(I totally called you leather!!! I just bought a new belt;)

Comment by kelly moore

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