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New Name for Portraits
September 13, 2006, 5:22 am
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Thanks to all who gave me their input for a new name for my Portraits. I’m still not sure I’ve found one, but my favorites were:

“This ain’t no frikin Sears Sitting”!

I’m brave, but I’m not sure if I’m that brave!!!


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After spending a few days in thought, here’s my idea: on your home page, is 3 categories- weddings, blog, and portraits. I think maybe “Gallery” would be a good index marker for you portraits category simply b/c the pictures you take are so much more than the terms picture/portraits/etc. can convey. Your photographs are (well, for lack of a better word) art…still life images that capture and reflect not only outward appearance but also emotions and character, the very essence of who someone is. So, I think “gallery” might be the way to go :o)

Comment by Courtney

How about ‘vignette’ ?

Comment by Heather

a couple of us at my work got together and came up with these: Characters, lifestyle, biographies, reflections, and perspective. happy hunting!

Comment by Dara

something with “x” in it. something eXtreme, maybe in neon green or pink. like… portriX. Xpressions.

ok. i’m kidding. i’m trying to cover for the fact that i haven’t thought of anything decent.

Comment by philip likens

Still liking “Life”. However, I wish you would put up “Ain’t no Freakin Sear sitting for a day, Iit would be awesome!

Comment by Crystal

I am really liking the title “Life”. The word alone says everything and your photographs show what life is about.

Comment by vanessa diel

i tell you what, kelly. you really should do the sears one. you may have to adjust it a little…. maybe take out frikin… but i think it’s awesome.

Comment by britton k

Hi Kelly! I am a huge fan of your work…very unique…thought for babies/kids portraits…
SHOOTIE PATOOTIE- instead of cutie patootie…I know it is kind of dorky but i’ll let you be the judge!Good luck!!!

Comment by Megan LaBarbera

When I look at the portraits,I am getting a glimpse into the life of people I have never met. Using Glimpse or Just a Glimpse is a thought!

Comment by Cole Gilbert

Your photos tell stories, each portrait portrays a small portion of the story…a “chapter”.

Comment by Bethany Kamman

How about “reality bytes”?

Comment by Jill

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