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Hot Mama……literally!!
September 8, 2006, 4:21 am
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Here are a few examples from a great shoot I had yesterday. Again, this is definitely the direction I’m wanting to head with my “portraits”……and if anyone can think of a better name for them than “portraits”, I’ll give you a free sitting!



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Beautiful, beautiful work!

Instead of portraits, you could call it “lifestyle.”

Your stuff looks amazing… great color (my monitor is calibrated).

Comment by crystal

Love the new pictures! I like “lifestyle” but some other ideas are: “People,”Real Life,” “personality,” exsistance,”Life”, “You”

Comment by Crystal

I tried “life” for a while, but it didn’t seem to stick??

Keep em comin!

Comment by mooreblog

Dynamic Life, Unique, Individuals, Vibrant life, Vibrancy, Radiant Life, Uniquely You

Comment by Crystal

By the way the times on these posts are way case you care….?

Comment by Crystal

essence….substance….character….traits…IDENTITY! the last is my favorite

Comment by tim

What do you guys think about “Life”.
To plain?

Comment by mooreblog

Yes, I like just “Life”, I don’t think it’s too plain at all. Are you trying for just one word?

Comment by Crystal

Hi Kelly-
My name is Maloree and I am very intrigued by your photography. I love how you capture the simple moments and make them scream a 1000 words. Your angles are so precise. I am a student and I heard that you were doing a photography conference in Texas this upcoming Monday. I was wondering if you would be willing to email me and possibly let me know about some more information about what you are teaching and maybe powerpoints/slides on the concepts of your teachings. I am not able to go to the conference, but am very eager to learn more about photography. Once I am out of school… I am hoping to have a photography studio, or at least work on building one up. If you could email me and let me know info or anything… comments are whatever I would appreciate it so much! Thank you for your time!


Comment by Maloree

I would have to go with “reflection” as the images you capture are a reflection of you just as much as the individuals/moments you record. Also, years from now when viewing ‘portraits’ like the ones above they will reflect back on the memories those images will always convey. When I view your pictures, I feel as though I am looking at someone’s best self. Your pictures are a reflection of the soul.

Comment by Courtney

How about “This aint no frikin Sears Sitting”!

ok- too long. hmmm

Life-traits. (traits of real life)
Moore-traits (booya!)

Great work Kelly- hope to meet you one day.

Comment by markeric

Hi, Kelly! I’ve been visiting your website for years…your work is breathtaking. Here goes my idea on the play of the word life: “lifescapes” instead of landscapes (that’s the art teacher in me coming out trying to merge the worlds of art and people)or “realife” instead of still life. I do love Moore-traits suggested by markeric above, too!

Comment by Jan

My fave so far has been “reflections”
But yes “moore-traits” was a good one. 😉

Comment by Molly

“Captured”… “Caught in the Moment”…

Your work is AMAZING by the way, really!

Comment by Breanna

How about:


something silly like “Finding YOUR -ness” or Foundness, cause you found their -ness!
(Its off of the movie “You, Me, and Dupree”)

Comment by Amanda

I thought of another one “Spirits” you seem to capture everyone’s true spirit. I just realizes that the one’s I sent before I just emailed them to you instead of just responding. Some of them were: Discovery, Lifestyles, Inspiration, Moments, Life’s moments, Treasured Moments, Connections, ok I could just keep going, but at least you have several to choose from.

Comment by vanessa diel

Love that shot of the mom on the bed with her baby and the red wall!!! Gorgeous and a great moment! Wonderful session with the family! Doesn’t everyone want to look this happy and gorgeous?! You go, girl!

Comment by Davina

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