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White Sox Game!
August 16, 2006, 11:51 pm
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Last night I went to my first Major League Baseball game.  I felt stupid, b/c up until 30 minutes before we left for the game, I thought I was going to see the Cubs.  I didn’t care though, I really just went to socialize!  The best part is that they had an open dessert bar.  The Sox lost but we still had fun.  From there we drove around the city taking pictures like a bunch of photographer nerds. 
Tonight……Navy Pier!

Here are a few of us at the game.  The blonde guy is the other Kelly Moore Photographer!  We could be brother and sister.  He says that 4 years ago he went to buy his domain name and I had already gotten it!  I think that I beat him by 2 months.  The funny thing is that he says he get’s inquiries from people all the time who are trying to contact me.
his site is:



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That’s amazing – y’all really do look like you’re related! And his “K M” logo is similar, too!

Groovy pics!

Comment by brad

Now are yall having too much fun?

Comment by Joshua Smith

But Kelly, you have to admit, being a photographer nurd is rather cool at times.

Comment by David

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