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Learning in Chicago
August 15, 2006, 6:17 am
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Melissa & I flew out Sunday on our way to a week long seminar in Chicago.  Truthfully it was bittersweet to leave b/c we have so much work to do at the studio.  We were at the studio almost around the clock trying to catch up until we drove out Sunday for our flight. 
We’re here now, and today has been a great day.  It was like sweet music to my ears when the first words out of Julia Woods  mouth were:  “Do you have balance in your life?”  Unfortunately, my answer was, “not so much”.  It was so nice to have a successfully photographer/ business woman tell you it’s OK leave the office.  The one thing that rang in my ears all day was, “When we are old and gray, and wedding photography is a thing of the past, what we have left is our relationship with our family and with God.” 
Man, this year has been so amazing.  I never imagined I could have so much fun at a career.  Even after a full summer of nonstop shooting, I’m still more excited than ever to keep learning and growing as a photographer.  I just want to have balance in my life.  I’m a believer, and I say that Christ is the number one thing in my life…….do I really live that out?  I know that countless nights I’m up late working at the studio.  I know that’s not fair to my wonderful husband.  I hope this isn’t too much information…..I just wanted to voice all the things that were going through my head.  After all, isn’t this is what a blog is all about? 
3 more days of learning to go and who knows how I’ll feel tomorrow night! 

The hotel we’re staying in is pretty swanky!  We haven’t done much shooting yet, but Melissa and I couldn’t resist snapping a few shots with the cool modern decor…I told you I was vain!  Man I wish we had places like this in Ruston. 


Have I mentioned how much I love doing this??!!!


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What a blessing you and your hubby both have to have careers where what you’re doing doesn’t feel like work because it’s something you love to do!!

I’ll be praying for y’all and that balance thing! It’s important.

Comment by brad

Hey Kelly,
I just declared a minor in photography at Tech this quarter, I am a junior early education major. I signed up for your seminar in dallas. I am not experienced at all and now I am wondering if maybe I will be out of place. I have a Nikon D50 that I am learning right now, but I won’t even take my first class until winter quarter. Please let me know if maybe I should hold off.

Comment by Crystal Garcia

Hello Kelly. I was looking at bludomain blog and was impressed by your answer as to reason for your success (I think that was the question) – anyhow I thought it was great that you said Jesus. Cool! =) So I checked out your site. Awesome. Love it. Exquisite photography. Well just wanted to say thanks for your bold witness even in your business. A fellow sister in Christ,
Angie M.

Comment by Angela

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Comment by kistov

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