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June 24, 2006, 8:19 am
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Thanks everyone for your feedback!  It's really encouraging to hear that you are enjoying what I'm putting out there.  It's good for me b/c It keeps me on my toes.  For every shoot that I do, It makes me really push for something better than before.  I guess it's good for all of us to have a venue to express ourselves.
Also, I guess I just need to vent!  I don't very often say that I've had a rough week, but, "I've had a rough week".  As many of you know(b/c I keep talking about it), I made the switch to digital in January.  Again, It's been totally worth it, but, It's taken a lot of time to really iron out all the kinks.  This week has been a week of tears and pulling out of hair concerning my computers.  First of all, let me thank Aaron Paul(my computer guy)of BTG for answering my phone calls.  He is now on my speed dial, and If I were him, I would probably screen me!  It seems that lately, when one thing gets is resolved, it creates another glitch…….The good news: I think that this afternoon around 1:00, I was able to resolve the last of a string of hold ups.  Soooo, that means, for anyone waiting for you images to go live, this week, they will be up.  Thanks so much for all of my clients who are patient with me!  I'm hoping that the final result has been worth the wait!  This year has been a dream, full of wonderful people with beautiful weddings!  I can honestly say that despite the learning curve I've had to endure in computer land, I'm enjoying my job more than I ever have. 


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