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Misty & Kyle’s Slideshow
June 17, 2006, 3:29 pm
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I'd love to have comments on what all you guys are thinking of my blog in general. Do you enjoy what I post, would you like to hear more about the couples I shoot, or what's going on here in the studio? Do you enjoy the slide-shows? Are there other things you'd like me to post about? Let me know, I know i've got to keep all of you happy!!!Thanks so much for visiting!

remember to turn off the music from my site before viewing the slide-show.


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I wanted to remind you about the musical. You have four more showings that you can go to! I hope you can come.

Comment by Josiah Kennedy

I love your blog. I check it out often. I wish we could come back soon and see you guys. By the way, I have scheduled my very first wedding in October and I am sooooooo excited!…. and scared. I’ll definitely have to get with you before then for some pointers. Hope to see you soon.
Love ya, Darla

Comment by authenticphotograph

Hey Kelly, I love your blog, I read it and view the galleries on your website at least once a week. I love good photography and I like to look at people’s work while I’m at work and it’s slow. Anyways, keep up the good work. I like hearing about the people in the pictures and also about the photography.

Comment by Crystal Garcia

kelly!! i’ve been ask to shoot a wedding and I want to go over some ideas with you, it’s in mid-August. Email me and I’ll talk to ya more. 🙂 – Chris

Comment by Chris Landry

I obsessively check your site and blog. I love them both, and (almost) patiently wait for my turn to be showcased. I love hearing about the couples you shoot and what’s going on with you and Melissa and now Anne. Thanks for the hours of entertainment you’ve allowed me and my co-workers.

Comment by Michelle Chewning Vrana

Even though my time in the spotlight has past on your website, I still check your website and blog often. I love looking at the photos it reminds me of the joy I felt and you portrayed in my pictures. They forgot to film my wedding but with your pictures and Melissa’s I will remember for the wondrous occasion it was. Keep it up. You have been truly blessed.

Comment by Molly Morgan Foreman

Hi Kelly,

I stumbled across your website / blog today while parusing through photographers. You have fantastic work. I love it when someone is willing to share their gifts, talents, and accomplishments. I just switched to digital this month and it has been an interesting, although an exciting adventure. Any information that you post is helpful; whether concerning your business, couples, or home life. Learning from others is often times the best way.


Comment by Lindy Nardoni

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Comment by Lakesha

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