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A new thought
June 27, 2006, 10:27 pm
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This weekend, at Betsy & Derek’s wedding, I was able to try something new. They decided that rather than do traditional bridal portraits before the wedding, they would rather have photos of the two of them. After the reception, we went downtown and spent about 2.5 hours driving around, shooting, and having fun. The results were very exciting. It made me realize that at the typical wedding, 10 minutes in between the wedding and reception is just not enough. This also made me start asking myself why we couldn’t do this more often. 9 times out of 10, the bride and groom aren’t leaving until the next day anyway, so why not take advantage of that opportunity to get some really amazing shots of the two of them together.
For those of you not married yet……think about it.








Kristen, my night bride!
June 24, 2006, 1:15 pm
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The definite highlight of my week was this little diva. I have been brainstorming for a while now about photographing a bride at night. I was waiting for just the right bride, and after about 30 minutes of shooting Kristen, I knew she'd be up to it. We started the shoot around 3:30, and despite the heat, Kristen was willing to do just about anything that I could think up. When I mentioned to her shooting later that night, she was quick to answer, "YES!". We had a wonderful time, and she is a dream to photograph. You never know quite how the camera is going to take to someone until you get home and see the results…..I was amazed at how photogenic she was. Thanks Kristen for a really great shoot!

Also, the night bride is something I'm going to begin offering, so for anyone wanting to try something different, let me know!!








June 24, 2006, 8:19 am
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Thanks everyone for your feedback!  It's really encouraging to hear that you are enjoying what I'm putting out there.  It's good for me b/c It keeps me on my toes.  For every shoot that I do, It makes me really push for something better than before.  I guess it's good for all of us to have a venue to express ourselves.
Also, I guess I just need to vent!  I don't very often say that I've had a rough week, but, "I've had a rough week".  As many of you know(b/c I keep talking about it), I made the switch to digital in January.  Again, It's been totally worth it, but, It's taken a lot of time to really iron out all the kinks.  This week has been a week of tears and pulling out of hair concerning my computers.  First of all, let me thank Aaron Paul(my computer guy)of BTG for answering my phone calls.  He is now on my speed dial, and If I were him, I would probably screen me!  It seems that lately, when one thing gets is resolved, it creates another glitch…….The good news: I think that this afternoon around 1:00, I was able to resolve the last of a string of hold ups.  Soooo, that means, for anyone waiting for you images to go live, this week, they will be up.  Thanks so much for all of my clients who are patient with me!  I'm hoping that the final result has been worth the wait!  This year has been a dream, full of wonderful people with beautiful weddings!  I can honestly say that despite the learning curve I've had to endure in computer land, I'm enjoying my job more than I ever have. 

Meet Anne
June 20, 2006, 11:09 pm
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Anne started working here in the studio about 3 weeks ago. She just graduated in photography from Louisiana Tech, and wanted to get some experience in the photography environment.
Anne is a much needed addition to kellymoore photography! She will be taking care of reprints and proofing…..and trying to keep our plants alive. I gave Melissa that job when she began working here a year ago, and unfortunately she failed miserably. That's probably due to the 50 hrs of work I give her to complete in a 25 hr work week! Anyway, I'm thrilled to have Anne here in the office, not only is she a go getter, she brings whit to our crazy days.
Anne, I hope you enjoy it here!

Misty & Kyle’s Slideshow
June 17, 2006, 3:29 pm
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I'd love to have comments on what all you guys are thinking of my blog in general. Do you enjoy what I post, would you like to hear more about the couples I shoot, or what's going on here in the studio? Do you enjoy the slide-shows? Are there other things you'd like me to post about? Let me know, I know i've got to keep all of you happy!!!Thanks so much for visiting!

remember to turn off the music from my site before viewing the slide-show.

Able to breathe
June 17, 2006, 3:15 pm
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What a good month it has been. I feel like we are starting to be able to breathe again here in the studio. May hit me with no mercy, and June has been a time of working overtime to try and get all of the weddings processed and up for viewing. We are almost caught up! I just wanted to thank Melissa, my associate and office manager, for going the extra mile to allow this to all happen. She has stayed late almost ever day for the past month. Last night she was here in the studio until 11:30 working hard to get all of the images up that are due. I seriously couldn’t do this without her. I also wanted to thank Jake of Studio J Photography for all the technical help that he’s given me! Poor guy, I don’t think he knew what he was getting himself into when he offered to help me get my work flow ironed out! In January kellymoore photography began the journey in the switch to digital, and If Jake wouldn’t have intervened with his major computer smarts, I might be crying right now! The switch has been something that I knew would take time and tears to get perfected, but I’m happy to say that It’s all starting to flow. Most importantly, the switch has allowed me to stretch my creative legs and try things that I never thought I could.

Candace & Tigger’s Slideshow
June 13, 2006, 7:42 pm
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