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If I could describe in one word……
May 9, 2006, 11:47 pm
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…………..Sunni & Gregg's wedding, It would be Rock Star……..ok, that's 2 words, but It's my blog. These guys have been great to work with from the very beginning. Even before booking, Sunni was so excited about the photography. She actually contacted me long before she was engaged(I'm not sure if Gregg is supposed to know that). She is a beautiful person inside and has been a dream to photograph. Gregg is a guitarist for Darrell Evans, a musician I have long admired, and he also plays for the band The Critics. They played at the reception, and they kicked booty I might add. Here are a few of my favorites from their wedding. I hope I did them justice!


……..Carlene & Wes' Wedding, it would be Peaceful. From the time I arrived, everything was in perfect order. Carlene was putting on her finishing touches, and with only 1 1/2 hours to the wedding, she was as calm as could be. After a long weekend of shooting, It was a welcome atmosphere. The ceremony was on the Air Force Base in Shreveport, and the Chapel was perfectly lit for their 3:00 wedding. I can't explain it, but just being around Wes and Carlene put me at ease. To top it off, the reception ended a little more lively with lots of dancing. I must say that Carlene surprised me with her dancing ability. Even after 12 hours of shooting, my adrenaline took over and I had a blast capturing their day for them. Here are a few..


………Candace & Tigger's Wedding, it would be sweetness! First of all, I've been waiting on a bride with a cap veil for 8 years. I was so excited to see that Candace had chosen to wear on! Over the years, I've shot hundreds of weddings, and it is easy to become unemotional during the ceremony. I must admit, though, that I did shed a tear during this one. These two had the sweetest vows. Most of all, you could tell they were completely sincere. Thank you both for a wonderful experience!


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