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Stefanie & Jeremy
April 30, 2006, 3:38 pm
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3 down, 1 to go
April 30, 2006, 2:10 am
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Wow, what a weekend.  I shot Cat & Colm's wedding Friday night in Convent, LA.  After the wedding, my very gracious husband and I left around 11:30 p.m. headed for Ruston.  It's about a 4.5 hour drive.  He let me sleep, so It was pretty pleasant for me.  We made great time, although we did get a speeding ticket!!  We rolled into Ruston around 3:30.  I was up around 8:00 to get ready for Stefanie and Jeremy's wedding. 
I had a great time at both weddings.  Cat & Colm were married in an old Catholic Church, and the reception was at Houmas House.  I didn't even know we had places this beautiful in Louisiana.  It really took my breath away.  Below are a few shots from Cat & Colm's wedding.  I'm hoping to post more this week.
I arrived at Stefanie and Jeremy's wedding around 11:00.  The weather was pretty bad, but everyone kept reminding us that if we were in Africa, this was a sign of blessing on a marriage.  I have had such a great time getting to know Stefanie's family.  I felt at home the entire time.  This whole family made me feel like I was one of them.  Her dad even gave me 3 bottles of wine before I left!  Again, I'm hoping to post some of these soon. 
Thanks for a wonderful weekend!

4 weddings in 1 weekend!!
April 27, 2006, 10:20 pm
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I'm about to leave to travel down south to shoot Cat & Colms wedding. Check out their site:
Cat & Colm's Wedding Site
The place that they are having the reception is absolutely beautiful:
Houma's House
This weekend is the first weekend ever that we are shooting 4 weddings. I'm excited to see how it all works out! Like I said, I'm traveling down South tonight for Cat & Colm's wedding tomorrow. Saturday I'm shooting Stefanie and Jeremy in Monroe, and Melissa, my associate is shooting Jennifer and Joseph in ElDorado. Sunday I have a short wedding for Dr. Grey and Wendy in Monroe. I'll work hard to get my favorites of them up next week! Have a great weekend, wish me luck!!! Kelly

Lee Anne
April 22, 2006, 2:40 pm
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Kimberly Purington
April 21, 2006, 5:02 pm
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When I shot Kim Thursday, it was like she was a totally different person than when I first met her. I'm sure when we shot her engagements, she thought I was a crazy woman. Taking her to random places, telling her to do random things. Despite her doubt, she loved the photos that came from that shoot. For her Bridal session, she came with a totally different attitude. As you can tell in her photos, she was completely relaxed. Most of the great shots came from me not even directing her. She actually ignored me half the time(which is what I wanted), moving around, being totally beautiful and graceful; like a model who had been doing this for years! We had a blast shooting, jumping in the car, turning up the a/c, and then jumping out and shooting some more.

Rousell/Harris Favorites
April 20, 2006, 2:36 pm
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Thoughout the day, I plan on posting my favorite images from the Rousell/Harris Wedding. Since I have several shoots, and will be busy, I'll just post as I have time to. Here are a few of Heather getting ready.

Meet Melissa
April 20, 2006, 3:17 am
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Last June, I was in desperate need of someone to help me manage my workload. I ran into Melissa Breedlove at a church softball game and she began to tell me how she was leaving her job to go back to school. She needed a part time job, and I needed help. I was nervous because up until this point I had done everything on my own. We both prayed about it, and within a month she was coming in 20 hours a week to help at the office. After only a few months of Melissa working in the office, I felt led to ask her if she'd like to be my associate photographer, which meant, If I were already booked, she would be available to shoot. She, being a patient person, didn't respond immediately. I, being an impatient person, thought this meant no. Two weeks later she arrived to work informing me that she'd quit school and she was ready to be a photographer! It's been nonstop since then. Melissa has shot almost every wedding with me since October. It has been so great to see her develop as a photographer and incorporate her own style into her images. We recently went live with her site:
The response has been amazing. People have been eager to book her, and so far we have booked around 10 weddings for her this year. I'm excited to see her grow more as a photographer and a artist. Keep a watch out for what is to come! She has been a gift from above, and I don't know what I would have done without her!